How You Can Help

Amazing Benefits of a Community Pool

We have the opportunity to build a facility that will strengthen the wellbeing of our community by providing a community space that meets family, cultural, recreational and the social needs of our community, be it age, gender, cultural or disability.

Swimming has no age or social barrier.

The St Albans Pavilion & Pool Board has secured 85% of the funds needed to build an easily accessible outdoor community pool on the site of the old pool which thousands of children and families enjoyed across the generations.

Christchurch City Council sold the land to us for $1 and provided a grant of $3 million. A further $300,000 has been secured from the Lotteries Grants Board.

We are keen to hear from potential donors who could help us out in the short term. Every donation, no matter how small, will help. Special acknowledgement to recognise supporters will be discussed personally with each donor.

To make a donation take the next step to help please contact Lynne O’Keefe to discuss your donation.

027 433 4469

$50,000 will get shovels in the ground


SAPP has now raised 85% of the funds we need to build the new Edgeware Pool!

However, this funding is all tagged for the construction of the pool and our immediate need is for $50,000 required to sign off various legal documents that provide the detailed drawings and costings. We cannot use the construction money for this.

If you support this pool PLEASE DONATE URGENTLY!

The Youth Hub Trust

The Youth Hub Trust looks forward to working with the Edgeware Pool developers. In our consultation with young people as to what they would like at the new Youth Hub they firmly told us a swimming pool. We couldn’t reach that far but the Edgeware pool will be so close that we can readily refer young people to use the pool which will be in walking distance of our venue. We hope it can be built and ready to use soon.

Dame Sue Bagshaw